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English for Better Future
Str "Prishtina" WN
Phone: 044-287-472
Our company works in order to prepare young people in English language and also Translates documents...
Date added:22 November 2009
English School ENGY
Fan Noli
Phone: 049 849 672
Translation Service providing a wide range of translations,from individual to company and institutional...
Date added:30 August 2008
German Training Center
St.Bislim Bajgora
Phone: +381 (0)28 530 156; +377 (0)44 331 873
German Training Center was established by international German organization called KNH (Kinder Not Hilfe)...
Date added:21 May 2008
Zas Trade
Sheshi "Zahir Pajaziti" 4/7
Phone: +381 (0)38 227 831; +377 (0)44 124 260
Foreign Language School - Zas Trade.
Date added:19 September 2008


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